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Is Your Personal Brand Stuck At the Top?


I recently had a corporate client point out to me a very interesting observation.  She works for the CEO of a very large corporation.  The CEO is all about corporate culture and having the brand of the company match the personal brands of all employees.  However, it seems that this concept- and the brand- is stuck at the top of her organization with her CEO.

What does that mean?  Well, even in organizations where the CEO is forward-thinking and understands the relevance of personal branding and managing to your organization and employees’ personal brands, things go awry.  In this case, the CEO’s office established the “rules” around the brand and culture.  The problem became having management and their direct reports implement and cultivate this brand and culture.

What good is brand and culture, if there is no follow-up to make sure everyone: 1) understands it and 2) applies it to see benefits?  In other words, it is not enough for the CEO and upper management to be aboard the personal branding train.

So what does this mean for you?  Well, even if you run a small business or are an employee- look around.  Is personal branding and brand management really understood with clarity across your business?  Is that knowledge then applied with consistency across all employees so that we all get the same feel for what you do for a living?  If not, take a step back and see if the personal brand and brand overall got ‘stuck at the top’ somehow.  You don’t have to have a large organization to have a problem with concepts being stuck at the top.  There must be a plan to have the branding message filter down and span out to your target market- regardless of your size or position in any organization.


Are You A “Closet Professional”? Get Your Horn Out & Toot It!


Inherent to the personal branding process is the ability to be able to know your uniqueness, own it and let others know it.  Of course, if this was easy to do everyone would be an expert at personal brand management, have more business and be happier in general.

Yet, as I always say, we find that people have a hard time being outstanding and shining brightly AND letting others know it.  Inherently, the problem is low self-confidence.  Therefore, we become “closet professionals” as I like to call it.  We go around hoping someone will somehow notice how great we are, like us and then hire us.

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing a speech by Edith Ramirez, the Chairwoman of the FTC.  She spoke at a local female lawyers luncheon.  Ramirez is a bright and capable lawyer,  having been on law review at Harvard with President Obama.

At the heart of her talk was the concept that women and minorities are not good at marketing themselves, or tooting their own horns.  She highlighted how an essential part of being a good attorney is having self-confidence, something we directly measure for our personal branding clientele.  If you are not self-confident about what you do, clients will feel it.

Ramirez stated that it is ok to say, “I’m good. Hire me!”

So how good are you at saying, “I’m good. Hire me”?  Do you have self-confidence and passion around your profession, be it a lawyer or otherwise?  If not, why not? 

Should Celebrities Have A Real Say As Brand Endorsers?


It’s always been the case that celebrities are signed on to endorse products and services because their popularity and brand has power over consumers to persuade us to buy what they are endorsing.  Oddly enough, we want to buy into the celebrity lifestyle.  We unfortunately assume that if we buy Nike products, we’ll be more of a pro golfer like Tiger Woods.  It’s all part of the emotional “joy” factor that I write so much about.

But there’s a new twist developing on this concept it seems.  Celebrities are no longer just figureheads.  Now these ‘titled” brand endorsers are being asked to have real weigh-in on the products and services they endorse.  The real question is why?  Do you really want Kim Kardashian to weigh-in on shoes or clothes or perfume content??!

No longer is it enough for a celebrity to do a commercial for their “favorite” coffee or clothing label, get their big check and call it a day.  Now, they are being given real titles and asked for input into product development.

I believe some of the titles don’t mean anything.  However, the concept is a smart one. In brand management, it is all about establishing that emotional connection with your audience- whoever is buying your product.  Thus, if the celebrity has real input, or so we perceive they do, then as the audience we are that much more likely to be connected emotionally and invested in the product because the celebrity has their hands in it for “real” and the endorsement means more to us.

This concept is on the rise because society is jaded, post-Bernie Madoff, Enron recession.  We are looking for genuine connection to genuine brands and people.  We are really trying to put our hard-earned money where it counts- for us and for others.

So what does this mean for you?  Well, if you are running a business, stop and think about how you can put this concept to use for your business success.  You don’t need a celebrity endorsement.  Just start thinking of your own celebrity-like personal brand power and how you can use it to sell quality and bring about emotional joy.  If you are looking for a job, figure out how your own celebrity-like brand power can work to your benefit during the interview to get you that job.


Time & Stress & Your Personal Brand Part II: Take A Page From Starbucks, Get Your “Joy” On


In our work with clients, we are always trying to get them to understand and incorporate the concept of “joy” into their personal brand.  We explain that no one is buying anything from us if they don’t emotionally feel joy when they are around us.  While most clients get the point, there are those that just can’t understand the emotional factor.

The sad part is that as corporate employees, business owners and professionals, we have lost our sense of joy.  Therefore, we can’t really connect with clients and prospects and exude joy- even if we do really get the concept.   The end result is that instead of joy, we have high stress and poor time management skills.   All of which makes us exude a poor personal brand.

During this time of the year, it seems the word, “Joy” gets a lot of airtime. After all, we are all supposed to be joyful in December.  Sadly, most of retail has hijacked the term “joy” and mis-uses it to make us think we need to buy stuff in order to find our joy.

Take Starbucks for instance. I was at a Starbucks location just yesterday.  The atmosphere is festive and joyful.  Their 2012 holiday ad campaign  is, “Spicy and Sweet With Hints of Comfort and Joy”.  Get it?  Drinking Starbucks will bring you comfort and…….JOY! It really is a brilliant ad campaign.  None of us are really surprised, given the fact that it comes from Starbucks.

So if you don’t believe me, just look around you this month at all the retail madness.  What’s the message retail is sending you?  None other than shop and find your joy.

This message is no different about your personal brand management: find your joy, then your stress will go down, time management will improve and you can improve your business and career success.

Need more help?  Attend our January 11, 2013 workshop:  Develop Your Personal Brand, Time & Stress Management for Success in 2013.  Click HERE for details.

How Entertaining Are You?


Have you ever stopped to think of yourself as an entertainer of sorts for your clients/patients/prospects?  A client of mine mentioned the other day that as the CEO of her company, she likes to look at her job as one of entertaining her clients while she does her “craft”.  I really liked that viewpoint and positioning.

As I stopped to reflect on her comment, I realized that I entertain my clients and prospects all the time.  Because I love what I do and am grateful on a daily basis to run my company, I bring that same level of joy and fun to my job and clientele.  I consider it an honor to be part of their lives.  After all, people have a choice in how they spend their valuable time and money.

So my question to you is:  do you entertain your clients/patients/prospects as you “perform” your craft?  I’m obviously not talking about entertaining in the sense of doing magic tricks for them or singing to them.   However, are you able to captivate your audience with your memorability and credibility? 

This would require you stepping out of your analytical “left-brained” mentality and looking at your business function from a “right-brained” and more creative way.   You’ll find if you really enjoy what you do on a daily basis, you can’t help but be entertained and thus, entertain your clients.  This is also the easiest way to get referrals and repeat business.

If you are unsure if you entertain your clients well or enjoy your work, send us an email so we can help you think through the question.

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